A montage

Put this together for our Father Bernard, who will be leaving us this weekend…



This past weekend was busy. On Saturday, I helped cover a benefit fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House.. These two girls were the entertainment, singing everything from Disney to Kelly Clarkson.


Sunday was the pageant, which was an all-afternoon/evening affair. All this kept me busy and my mind (sorta) off missing my kids who were at Steubenville South in Louisiana.



I had the opportunity to shoot at a Bar Mitzvah.. Had never been to one, so I welcomed the chance to do this.


This weekend, I am covering a beauty pageant.

Lately, we’ve had photographer’s kid syndrome (kids who won’t let mom shoot them like they used to.)  That said…



I’m finally getting the site to look the way I wanted. Now I need to work on the studio. There are backdrops to be unpacked and a floor to be done. I’ll hopefully finish this week/weekend and post the before and after shots.


My friend is the one who pointed me in the direction of wordpress. I’ve been wanting to start a blog to go along with the day-to-day stuff I do.. I’ll also say that she’s the one who finally encouraged me enough to really pursue my business. She’s just that kind of person 🙂

Hello world!

First post to my new blog. Now the challenge is to find something interesting to write about. They say that a picture is worth 1000 words. If that is true, I’m the chattiest person you have ever met. Those who know me will agree.